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Jan Ivar Kristiansen
  Vardeveien 136
  2020 Skedsmokorset
About me

I have been carrying out Norwegian genealogy (as well as Swedish and some Danish) professionally since 1991, and in this time I have worked with nearly 600 clients from all over the world including the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

I worked as the secretary for the Norwegian Genealogical Society from 1996 to 2009. I live just outside Oslo and so have easy access to the sources at, for example, The National Archives and Oslo City Archives. It is important for me to provide completely reliable, thorough and detailed information about your ancestors, and - if possible - more than just names and dates. All findings I provide will include source information. The use of primary sources is essential.   Read on...

Got a Norwegian in your pedigree?

  • Are you one of the over four million Americans with Norwegian roots?

  • Was your great grandmother perhaps a maid servant who went to Canada in search of a better life?

  • Or perhaps you are an Australian or a Welshman descending from a Norwegian who 'jumped ship' and settled down in your part of the world?

  • Possibly you may be the great grandchild of a Norwegian whaler who tried his fortune in New Zealand?

  • Perhaps you are even a descendant of those unfortunate people from Drammen who were mislead into emigrating to the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii) in the 1880ies to work as contract workers on a plantation?

Norwegian settlers in ND

Norwegian settlers in Williston, North Dakota, 1908.

No matter what, I would like to offer you my professional services in discovering your Norwegian origins, where in Norway your ancestors came from and something about their life here before emigrating. Remember this was, at the time, one of the poorest countries in Europe.

Once this has been established, I can trace your ancestors' lineage back in time by the use of primary sources, such as church archives, census records, probate court documents etc.

Additional information to build on the framework may perhaps be found through exploring the hundreds of local history books, the so-called 'bygdebooks', that have been published here in this country.

If you are searching your living relatives, I would also be happy to help you tracking them down.